Simple Monitor SMS

Simple monitor is an android App which can be used to monitor other android phone SMS.

It is background Application it does not open or show logo in the main menu. It comes in two part.

Service provider and broadcast listener.

The Broadcast part of the application would always run in the background as long as the phone has the application. As the name suggest it keep listening for any incoming SMS.

The Service provider part of the application is invoked by the KEY MESSAGE from the monitoring Phone. Once the Broadcaster receive the KEY MESSAGE it would start the Service Provider.

The Phone operating system has the over control which Application Service can run and stop, this means time to time the service might be killed by the Phone operating system. If this happen please send the phone the KEY Message this would restart the Service.

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2 Responses to Simple Monitor SMS

  1. Reginaldo says:

    I wonder if you get this application to run on android 2.1,
    I need it, thanks.

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