Basic Tips about responsive design

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Only internet and nothing else

Since the first radio, our live have been change we are have been able to get information for faraway places. Am not here to tell you how technology has changed our life and how the internet has affected the way in which we gather and distribute information.  Am here to ask you, is the internet the last place from mass communication.

Before we go any further let just do a small history check.

Print: The beginning of mass communication.

Radio: it has two distinct parts, the content provider and content consumer.

TV: TV is nothing more that Radio with moving picture.

Internet: This is where the picture becomes very unclear. It stared life with static page (Print), soon it become more animated with added sound.  Just like TV and Radio but something was not right.

Who was the content provider?  The line between content provider and consumer has change in some case totally removed. We can no longer be passive and receive content controlled by some body outside our control, we have been turn with or without choose to be proactive when we want to consume content.  This might be considered a plus point for internet.

The internet has encompassed all previous means of communication and had made itself the centre of communication.  Also anything which is been invented after the internet to improve communication has internet at its core element i.e. mobile phone.

Most of know how important the internet is for our daily life. We use it for banking, to keep in touch with family and friends, get current news the list goes on.

This might sound very familiar to someone who was around when the paper was invented and become the means for mass communication. We used paper to keep record of account, use it to communicate with family and friends, get news from around the world.

So the question is? What would be the next thing, which would eclipse internet or have we found the real deal?

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Core reason to consider before choosing any JavaScript framework.

1. What are your project requirements?
2. Does the framework support A-Grade browsers?
3. Is there a core team of developers?
4. How mature is the framework?
5. How often updates are publicly released?
6. How friendly is the documentation?
7. Is there an active community?
8. Are benchmark tests performed regularly?
9. How extensible is the framework?
10. Do you like the API style?
11. Declarative vs. Programmatic.
12. Dependence.
13. Team experience, knowledge or training needed.

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Application craft

Direct access to HTML and CSS files are very limited.

To render a single page, the page makes over 10 JavaScript file request.

CSS are injected into the html elements. This can result in less control over styling.

Limited CSS properties available when using GUI.

Each time a page in generated for live test, the id of each html element is changed. This will break any JavaScript which uses element ID.

You MUST choose a layout template to start a new web application.

This is a programmatic framework. We will be unable to use JSP page logic.

‘Please see:

Application craft uses Jquery Mobile CSS for styling.  This can be implanted by us without the help of Application craft.

Application craft just came to the web mobile application arena last year (NOT MATURE).

‘Please see: for more info’

Am not sure about community activity (number of contributor or collaborates).

Who is supporting or likely to support Application Craft future development?  “In short will it be around a few years later”.

“Please see:

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Simple SMS PORT/Parnk

This application is design for those who send a lot of International SMS. To use this app you must follow the format or It would not work.

Phone Number – Message;

08*****- call me;-037******-I will c u 2mor;-29**- coming for party;



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Simple Monitor SMS

Simple monitor is an android App which can be used to monitor other android phone SMS.

It is background Application it does not open or show logo in the main menu. It comes in two part.

Service provider and broadcast listener.

The Broadcast part of the application would always run in the background as long as the phone has the application. As the name suggest it keep listening for any incoming SMS.

The Service provider part of the application is invoked by the KEY MESSAGE from the monitoring Phone. Once the Broadcaster receive the KEY MESSAGE it would start the Service Provider.

The Phone operating system has the over control which Application Service can run and stop, this means time to time the service might be killed by the Phone operating system. If this happen please send the phone the KEY Message this would restart the Service.

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